Rickert, ML (Marie)

Marie Rickert is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University, since February 2020. She researches language socialisation in day-care centres on both sides of the German-Dutch border. Her project is part of LIMES, funded by the European Commission’s Marie-Curie COFUND programme.

In her research, Marie examines how language policies, language ideologies and language hierarchies mutually shape each other as well as toddlers’ linguistic socialisation, against the background of the region’s linguistic diversity. She does this by means of ethnography; combining long-term fieldwork in day-cares, participant observation and interviews with a discourse analytical approach, drawing on interactional sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology.

Her wider research interests are (early) language socialisation in interaction, multilingualism in education, Second language acquisition in the context of linguistic diversity and migration.

Marie holds a M.Sc. Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam and a B.A. in Cultural Studies with a minor in Educational Sciences from the University of Bremen.


Tutor in After Bable. Language Policies in Europe. 2019/2020.