Rickert, ML (Marie)

Marie Rickert is a Linguistic Anthropologist specialized in Linguistic Diversity . She is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University and the Institute of Dutch Philology, University of Münster. Marie's research approaches social interaction as mediated by and simultaneously producing experiences, identifications and ideologies, grounded in the intersection of language and culture.

Marie's PhD project focuses on language socialisation in Early Childcare and Education on both sides of the German-Dutch border. The project is conducted in the scope of LIMES, funded by the European Commission’s Marie-Curie COFUND programme. Marie examines how language policies, language ideologies and language hierarchies mutually shape each other as well as toddlers’ linguistic socialisation, against the background of the region’s linguistic diversity. She does this by means of ethnography; combining long-term fieldwork in kindergartens, participant observation and interviews with a discourse analytical approach, drawing on interactional sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology.

Her wider research interests are (early) language socialisation in interaction, multilingualism in education, Second language acquisition in the context of linguistic diversity and migration.

Marie holds a M.Sc. Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam and a B.A. in Cultural Studies with a minor in Educational Sciences from the University of Bremen.


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Book reviews:

Rickert, M.  (2022). [Review of the book] Research Methods in Linguistic Anthropology, S.M. Perrino & S. E. Pritzker (Eds.). Linguist List. 33. https://linguistlist.org/issues/33/33-2867/

Selected presentations:

  • Rickert, M. (2022, 24-6) “You don’t know how to say ‘cow’ in Polish!” – Meanings of references to heritage languages within interaction in the kindergarten. Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education (ELLME 2022). Universidad de Granada: Granada.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 14-5) Tracing ‘Hayom’: Translanguaging in linguistically diverse peer groups in a German kindergarten (Invited poster presentation) Habilnet2. Harmonious Bilingualism Network: Frankfurt.
  • Rickert, M., Cornips, L. (2022, 4/5-2) Bordering Early Education & Borders in Early Education: Language Socialization in the Southern German-Dutch Border Region. Part of the panel: Old and New Boundary lines in the Belgian-Dutch Borderland. Border Renaissance: Recent Developments in Territorial, Cultural, and Linguistic Border Studies. Universität des Saarlandes: Saarbrücken/online.
  • Rickert, M. Cornips, L. (2021, 9-12) Stimulating bidialectal children’s regional languages – policies and practices between pre-school and family. Planting languages Expert meeting. Brussels.
  • Cornips, L., Rickert, M. (2021, 16-11) Sprachentwicklung in der Grenzregion/Taalontwikkeling in de grensregio. Studium Generale: Im Gespräch/In gesprek. Public libraries Venlo/Krefeld. Krefeld.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 30-07) ‘Who is the boss?’ Staging of conflicts in everyday acts of performance in the pre-school. [paper on Panel: Conflict and language socialization on preschool interactions]. International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA). Zürich University of Applied Sciences. Winterthur/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 13-07). Bidialectal pre-school. Arranging interactional (non-)participation through linguistic and other semiotic means". [Paper on Thematic Section:The development of social meaning in heterogeneous speech communities.] International Symposium for Bilingualism, Warsaw University. Warsaw/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 05-07). Bidialectal pre-school: Enacting participation frames through linguistic and other semiotic means [poster presentation]. LOT summer school, KU Leuven/online.
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  • Rickert, M., Cornips, L. (2021, 29-01). Meertaligheid en multimodale communicatie in de peuteropvang in Limburg. [Poster presentation] ‘Talige diversiteit in het onderwijs’, NHL Stenden Hogeschool. Leeuwarden/online.
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  • Rickert, M. (2018, 29-9). Die produktive Schwelle. Zum Umgang mit Liminalität im Zweitsprachenunterricht. Interimstagung der AG Ethnologische Bildung der DGSKA. Teaching Anthropology, Universität Heidelberg.


After Bable. Language Policies in Europe. 2019/2020.

Talige praktijken en taalbeleid in een diverse samenleving. WWU Münster, Institut für Niederländische Philologie. 2021/2022.