McGee, AK (Akudo)

Akudo Kyoshia McGee is a P.h.D. researcher at Maastricht University. She is working under her primary supervisor, Mathieu Segers, Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration and second supervisor, Ferenc Laczó, Assistant Professor of History. With an eclectic background in cultural and identity studies, she hopes to approach research about strengthening the European Union's internal integration capacity from an interdisciplinary perspective that addresses the topic on a policy level and from a historical perspective, but that also examines popular support for the Union and is ideational​ about what its future could look like. Her thesis will focus on examining the emergence and maintenance of Eurosceptic sentiment in order to identify internal fault lines​ across the EU. Akudo previously studied Identity and Integration (European Studies) at the University of Amsterdam, where her focus was on refugee integration in challenging economic and social environments. She holds a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in German Language and Cultural Studies. 


Identity Studies

Cultural Studies

Refugee Studies

Research Projects

My project is focused on the 2004 eastern enragement and investigates the enigmatic case of alleged democratic backsliding in Poland as its case study to explore the wider trend of norm reversal amongst European Union (EU) member states. I aim to investigate the conditions under which EU conditionality criteria, which were originally theorized to be part of a powerful and affective strategy for rule acceptance and norm adoption in candidate members, has failed to solidify the continued implementation of democratic practices and maintenance of democratic institutions in one of the Union’s most extreme case, Poland.


The Urban Refugee in Marzahn-Hellersdorf: Best Practices for Refugee Integration in Challenging Environments


In April 2020, I will be a tutor for the course, Analysing Research designs