De Jong, SB (Simon)

Prof. dr. Simon B. de Jong is a Full Professor in Organization Studies at the Department of Organization, Strategy, & Entrepreneurship (OSE). In his research he focuses on expanding contemporary knowledge regarding teamwork, organizational design, effective leadership, and performance management. Together with his co-authors and PhD’s, he also investigates other areas, such as the impact of top management teams, proactive employee behaviour, the effects of HRM practices, the use of Artificial Intelligence in organizations, or how Change Management models can be updated for the new circular economy. He has published various practical papers, book chapters, and scientific articles (including in journals ranked as Global Top 50 by the Financial Times, such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management, Human Relations, and Organization Science). His work has also resulted in many (inter)national conferences presentations, such as at the Dutch HRM, AoM, and EAWOP conferences.


Before joining Maastricht University, Simon worked as a Human Capital consultant at Deloitte Consulting and held various roles at top universities and business schools across Europe, including the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), EADA Business School (Spain), and the Universities of Bath and East Anglia (UK). He has served in various managerial and leadership roles, including Managing Director of Executive Development, Board Member at the School Management Group, and Vice-Department Chair. Currently he leads the Organization section of the OSE group. He also served in various committees, as an Associate Editor on the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology,​ and as a Board Member at ​Small Group Research


Drawing on the above expertise, Simon has designed, managed, and taught a variety of courses ranging from Strategic HRM, People Analytics, and Consulting, to Negotiations, Creativity, Innovation, Diversity, and Leadership as well as Statistics and Methodology courses. His experience as a supervisor spans all levels (incl. Exec/FT MBA and PhD). He has received various grants, some of which were in large collaborations and he also supported others in obtaining grants. His consultancy experience ranges from HR benchmarking and HR strategy consulting to process and service improvement. Simon welcomes inquiries from organizations regarding (applied) business research, executive development, in-company training, or consulting.

Career History

Full Professor (tenured) at OSE, SBE, UM. Currently I also serve as an Associate Editor at Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology and as an Editorial Board Member at Small Group Research.


Full professor (tenured) in Organizational Behavior & HRM and Managing Director of Executive Development, Member of School Management Group, and Taaching Executive at the University of East Anglia (UEA), United Kingdom.


Associate Professor (tenured) at the Organization Studies Department, University of Bath, United Kingdom. Member of PhD Research Committee.


Assistant Professor (tenured) at the People Management Department, EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain.


Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.


Human Capital Consultant for Deloitte Consulting, The Netherlands.


Researcher and Lecturer in Organizational Behavior and HRM at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Research Projects

2013 - 2017 Completed Alina Udall, University of Bath, GBR. (with: A. Shakar & J.I.M. de Groot)

2017 - 2019 Completed Katharina Schmitte, Maastricht University, NLD. (with:. B. Schreurs & M. Segers)

2015 - 2021 Completed Thushel Jayaweera, University of Bath, GBR. (with: P.M. Bal & K. Chudzikowski)

2017 - 2021 Completed Ayoosha Salem, Uni. of Adelaide, AUS. (with: F. Barbera, Graves, C., & A. Hoffmann)

2016 - 2022 Completed Dinah Gutermuth, Maastricht University, NLD. (with: M. Heijltjes)

2017 - 2022 +/- June Tim Reissner, Maastricht University, NLD. (with: H. Guenter)

2018 - 2023 Jandré van Rensburg, Maastricht University, NLD. (with: C. Santos)

2020 - 2024 Timo Walz, Maastricht University, NLD. (with: J. Kensbock and F. Kunze)

2021 - 2025 Sophie Grässler, Umlaut Consulting, DEU & UM, NLD. (with: H. Guenter)

2021 - 2025 Türkü Erengin, Maastricht University, NLD. (with: R. Briker)


Academic Conferences

2022: Dutch HRM Conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2022: INGRoup Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

2022: Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, USA.

2022: Green HRM and Sustainable Behavior Conference, Vienna, Austria.

2022Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii, USA.

2021: Academy of Management Conference, Online.

2021: AI and Strategy Virtual Workshop, AoM Online Conference by Indian School of Business and Microsoft Inc.

2020: Global Information Technology Management (GITMA) World Conference, Paris, France.

2019: Dutch HRM conference, Tilburg, NL. 

2019: Academy of Management Conference, Boston, USA.

2019: INGRoup Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

2019: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Conference, Turin, Italy.

2018: Bi-Annual Psychological Contract Small Group Meeting, Melbourne, Australia.   

2018: Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, USA.

2017: Dutch HRM Conference, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

2017: Academy of Management Conference. Atlanta, USA.

2017: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Conference. Dublin, Ireland.

2016: Academy of Management Conference. Anaheim, USA.

2015: Academy of Management Conference. Vancouver, Canada.

2015: European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium. Athens, Greece.

2015: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Conference. Oslo, Norway.

2013: Academy of Management Conference. Lake Buena Vista, USA.

2012: Academy of Management Conference. Boston, USA.

2011: Academy of Management Conference. San Antonio, USA.

2010: Academy of Management Conference. Montreal, Canada.

2007: Academy of Management Conference. Philadelphia, USA.

2007: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Conference. Stockholm, Sweden.

2007: Systems, Organizations, & Management Conference. Groningen, The Netherlands.

2006: Werk-, Arbeid-, en Organisatie-Psychologie Conferentie. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2006: International Workshop on Teamworking Conference. Groningen, The Netherlands.

2006: Systems, Organizations & Management Conference. Groningen, The Netherlands.

2005: Human Resource Management Conference. Enschede, The Netherlands.

2005: European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Conference. Istanbul, Turkey.

2004: Werk-, Arbeid-, en Organisatie-Psychologie Conferentie. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

2003: Human Resource Management Conference. Enschede, The Netherlands.


Supervisor of BSc., MSc., MBA (FT/Exec.), and PhD projects

PhD Course on Advanced Research in Organizations

PhD Course on Leadership Research

PhD Module on Statistics

MBA Exec. modules on teaming; conflict and trust; and creating the conditions for innovation

MBA (FT & Exec) Courses on Managing and Changing Organizations

MBA (FT) Course on Managing People

MBA and MSc. (incl. Executive & International) Modules on Culture & Diversity, Diversity & HRM, Team Work, Communication, and Negotiations

MSc. Course on Leadership

MSc. Course on Consulting

MSc. Course on Human Resource Management

MSc./ BSc. Courses on Strategic HRM

MSc. Modules on Methods and Statistics for HRM, HR Analytics, and HR Consulting

MSc. Module on Working in Teams

BSc. Course on Applying Management Theories to Solve Practical Problems

BSc. Course on Advanced HRM Course

BSc. Modules on Professional Communication

BSc. Module on Applied Statistics

Other activities

Associate Editor at European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Editorial Board Member at Small Group Research

External PhD Supervisor at The University of Adelaide