Walz, T (Timo)

Timo is a PhD-Candidate at the Department of Organization, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, where he also completed his Master's degree in International Business.

His research interests are located at the interface between psychology and management. In particular, the interplay between organizational and societal trends, such as digitalization, and the resulting implications for individuals at work, such as loneliness and isolation.

He also enjoys looking at the "dark side" of work - his Master Thesis dealt with a "contagious effect" of corporate psychopathy.

Currently, he works with Dr. Julia Kensbock, Prof. Dr. Simon de Jong and the LIMES project, co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research grant, on the topic of "The Hardening and Softening of Borders - Challenges for Europe and the World - All together or alone? How demographics and digital trends affect socialisation and isolation at work".

Additional information about the LIMES project can be found here:


Timo welcomes inquiries from businesses regarding business research or consulting.