PhD projects

1. Youth Mobilities of Unaccompanied Minors in Border Regions
Researcher: Maha Naami

2. Soft EU Borders in Africa. How Migration Campaigns and Social Media affect Young Senegalese Men’s Migration Aspirations and Sense of Social Justice 
Researcher: Cecilia Schenetti

3. Hardening and Softening of Borders in European Integration Enlargement
Researcher: Akudo McGee

4. Liberal Arts Education in Europe: Making or Breaking Borders
Researcher: Milan Kovacevic 

5. Study and Work Experiences across the Border: their Impact on Cross-border Careers
Researcher: Saena Chakkar 

6. Foreign Students and Graduates in European Border Regions
Researcher: Alina Shirshikova

7. The Role of EU Agencies in the Management and Guarding of Borders in the EU
Researcher: Aida Halilovic

8. EU’s Shifting Borders- Scrutinizing Externalization of Migration Management and International Protection Responsibilities 
Researcher: Andreina De Leo

9. The Atelier Glasschilderkunst F. Nicolas en Zonen in Roermond (NL) (1855-1968) and the Revival of Stained Glass Production in Western Europe in the 19th and 20th Century 
Researcher: Judith Van Puyvelde

10. All Together or All Alone? How Demographic and Digital Trends affect Socialisation and Isolation at Work 
Researcher: Timo Walz

11. Linguistic and Cultural Borders: Transparent or Not
Researcher: Sara Atwater

12. Educational Borders: Multilingualism or Not
Researcher: Marie Rickert

13. The Impact of Borders on the Effectiveness of Active Ownership by European Asset Owners 
Researcher: Tereza Bauer

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